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Wardrobe Edit

A Wardrobe Edit turns the overwhelming task of giving your wardrobe an overhaul, into a focused, positive and satisfying experience. Before your Wardrobe Edit begins, we will discuss your feelings towards your current wardrobe and the goals you have in your mind for giving your wardrobe a detox.

I highly recommend that you have a Colour Analysis and Style Consultation prior to booking a Wardrobe Edit in order to get the most out of your session.

£195 (3 Hours)

Travel time/mileage free within 15 miles of SG18

Additional hours can be added, if required

Lindsay Edwards personal stylist
Lindsay Edwards personal stylist
Your Wardrobe Edit Journey;
  • We will assess each item of your clothing in turn, deciding whether it deserves to stay or go. 

  • We will pull together new outfit combinations from clothes that you already own.

  • We will identify any gaps in your wardrobe, adding those missing items to your shopping list and ensuring you have the key wardrobe staples.

  • We will rebuild your wardrobe in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way, ensuring that it is an easy space to maintain so that you enjoy opening those doors!

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