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Colour Analysis

The colours we wear have a huge impact on how we look and feel, and also how others perceive us. Wearing the wrong colours can cast unflattering shadows, making our complexion look uneven and leave us looking tired and washed out. 

When we wear the right colours however, a dramatic transformation takes place. As if by magic, our appearance instantly improves! As a result, our self-confidence increases and we appear more approachable, engaging and charismatic to others. These ripple effects go on to have positive impacts across all areas of our life.
Wearing the right clothes that make you feel good is like wearing a smile; your mood is instantly lifted, you carry yourself differently and radiate confidence.


*Weekend Surcharge of £25

SAVE £50 when you add on a Style Consultation to a Colour Analysis Session.

Lindsay Edwards personal stylist
Lindsay Edwards personal stylist
During your Colour Analysis Session you will discover;
  • How the unique blend of your colouring and personality underpin your specific palette of colours.

  • The 42 colours which form your personalised palette.

  • The ideal balance of neutral colours and accent shades within your wardrobe.

  • Various ways to wear your colours in combination e.g. colour blocking and pattern.

  • How to improve the impact of clothes in colours which don’t feature within your palette.

Location: Colour Analysis sessions take place at my Studio in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Time: 10am-12pm, midweek and weekends

Lindsay Edwards personal stylist
What are the benefits of having your colours done?
  • You will look radiant and gain so much confidence. When you wear your best colours your skin will glow, your hair will shine and your eye colour will pop.

  • Your confidence will soar as the compliments begin rolling in from friends, family and even complete strangers!

  • Shopping becomes simple as you hone in on the shades that actually suit you and ignore those that don’t. In the long run this will save you money buying the wrong items that don’t suit your colouring.

  • The colours within your palette not only suit you, but suit one another too. This enables you to form a versatile wardrobe containing endless combinations of easy to pull together outfits. Maximum style for minimal effort!

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