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Lindsay Edwards personal stylist

Roxanne D

“Lindsay was amazing and so much fun (like chatting with an old friend). I learnt a lot and can't wait to start putting things into practice. Lindsay helped me make sense of my wardrobe and how to correct it. I highly recommend her service.”

Ciara C

“I got the colours and styling package for my mum for mother's day. Lindsey was brilliant and made my mum so comfortable throughout. She has been telling everyone about it since and doesn't go anywhere without her samples now!”

Cathy C

“Really brilliant service. Lindsay puts you completely at ease and offers supportive, constructive and hugely positive advice about how to dress to your absolutely best. She really listens to the way you describe your life (and your wardrobe) and provides plenty of well-tailored, personal recommendations for where to shop, what to buy and why! I left the session with an optimism around clothes that I haven’t felt for decades. "

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